My Name Is Sharon, and I Am Chronically Disorganized

Everybody’s taking quizzes on Facebook nowadays.  Well, I took one myself yesterday.

“If you answer Yes to the following questions, you are chronically disorganized…
– Has getting organized been a challenge for you most of your adult life?
– Does being disorganized negatively affect your quality of life in some way every day?
– Have you been unable to sustain organization?”  (Taken from the book Conquering Chronic Disorganization by Judith Kolberg)

Yes! Yes! and YES!

I LOVE this book!!





I have ready many a book on decluttering and organizing in my life, but this is the first one I read that was written for someone whose mind does not operate well on conventional/traditional organizational methods.  It’s a short, easy read, and instead of writing theory, the book is literally just a collection of stories that exemplify various organizing techniques for the chronically disorganized.  For example, I had no idea that you could file your papers emotionally!  I have now constructed my first “shifting time” board.  I am super excited and will reread this again before I give it back to the library.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who has tried to fit their lifestyle and organizational methods into a system someone else premade and has been unable to maintain it.  This book suggests inventing ways to manage your life in a fashion that suits your mind’s bend, based on your learning style and needs.  Great read, Conquering Chronic Disorganization by Judith Kolberg.  Check it out!  I shall let you know how my experiments turn out!!

1 thought on “My Name Is Sharon, and I Am Chronically Disorganized

  1. I love narratives from real people! I read all the organization books and I tend to get frustrated if I try to follow them. What I’ve learned is that first I need to isolate my motivation “Why do I want this to be orderly?” Then I have to define sort of hat orderly would be – not magazine images, but something like “Not having laundry on all the floors all the time” for instance. Then I have to try ideas out Switching from baskets to ginormous tubs and putting a hamper on both floors of the house). All of this changes as my family and problems change. It’s impossible for anyone to write one book that answers all my problems and all my problems yet-to-be, But I often glean good ideas from the organizing books and chuck the rest. I stopped feeling bad about not being magazine perfect organized (most of the time any way) and like you, I’ve learned that some general principles and flexibility and on the fly problem solving usually serve my situation a lot better. Perfectionism is my enemy, because it hamstrings me with guilt for never actually achieving it.

    Also, like you, I switched a few of the files in the filing cabinet out of Chris’s order to place the folders I use most in the front of the filing cabinet. It just made sense because I’m always putting in receipts and cleaning out old ones, why should I have to go to the back of the drawer alphabetically for it? I just wanted it there, so I put it there, and I was much happier. Changes like that are no skin off your nose! If it doesn’t work you can always switch it back, after all.

    I like your book’s cover…

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