The Carefree First Time Joys of Parenting

Despite being my third child, William is really giving me so many joys of the first time parent.  He’s in that incredibly fun stage right now where his development is exploding, he’s just learned to walk, and the whole world is his oyster.  He oooo’s appreciatively when something interests him, whistles like a tea kettle when he’s happy, hoots like a train when he’s mad, and his favorite pastime is toddling around the house, waving items he’s found and yelling “Whoa! Whoa!”

We were sitting in the rocking chair the other day reading a book together when it struck me.  I had never been able to sit in a chair and read a book with Michael or Gabriel.  They just couldn’t do it.  Michael was three years old the first time he was able to sit in my lap, and Gabriel didn’t understand how the reading aloud activity worked.  Then some of the other differences started coming to mind.  At fifteen months of age, William already has about half a dozen discernible words.  Michael and Gabriel were well into their thirty month mark before we heard anything we could understand.  William mimics me and REFERENCES me, things I’ve never seen before.  He has more enthusiasm about exploring and engaging the world around him.  You can just tell it’s easy and fascinating for him.  I don’t have to work at communicating or interacting with him.  I don’t analyze everything he does.  It’s different celebrating a new skill acquired when it came naturally instead of after hours of teaching and practice.  It’s just fun.

Image     Image

I thanked God for giving me these little moments, they were special gifts from Him, the wonder of learning and growing, the carefree first time joys of parenting.  It’s more meaningful and bittersweet watching Michael and Gabriel meet their own milestones because of the effort and years involved, and I am incredibly grateful that the Lord has brought as much healing and restoration as He has to them.  But little William is bringing me new and special joys of his own, and I’m loving it!

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