My Name Is Sharon, and I Am Chronically Disorganized

Everybody’s taking quizzes on Facebook nowadays.  Well, I took one myself yesterday.

“If you answer Yes to the following questions, you are chronically disorganized…
– Has getting organized been a challenge for you most of your adult life?
– Does being disorganized negatively affect your quality of life in some way every day?
– Have you been unable to sustain organization?”  (Taken from the book Conquering Chronic Disorganization by Judith Kolberg)

Yes! Yes! and YES!

I LOVE this book!!





I have ready many a book on decluttering and organizing in my life, but this is the first one I read that was written for someone whose mind does not operate well on conventional/traditional organizational methods.  It’s a short, easy read, and instead of writing theory, the book is literally just a collection of stories that exemplify various organizing techniques for the chronically disorganized.  For example, I had no idea that you could file your papers emotionally!  I have now constructed my first “shifting time” board.  I am super excited and will reread this again before I give it back to the library.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who has tried to fit their lifestyle and organizational methods into a system someone else premade and has been unable to maintain it.  This book suggests inventing ways to manage your life in a fashion that suits your mind’s bend, based on your learning style and needs.  Great read, Conquering Chronic Disorganization by Judith Kolberg.  Check it out!  I shall let you know how my experiments turn out!!