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I’ve always loved adventures, and now God is taking me on my biggest one yet.  He gave me four beautiful boys, and they are the most incredible, complex challenge I’ve come across to date.  My journey right now is through the land of special needs, but I trust God is making me a better person through it.

As moms, I think we have a tendency to lose our identity in the whirlwind of dishes, laundry, errands, and family needs.  It’s been my prayer that God shows me His purpose for my life in the middle of the chaos.  To show me what’s important from the perspective of eternity.

Right now, my plate is pretty full with a wide spectrum of things.  My oldest has autism, ADHD, and SPD.  With boatloads of alternative medicine and therapy (mostly RDI), he has made massive amounts of improvement and is high functioning.  My second was born with scar tissue in his brain that stunted his development for the first 18 months of his life.  He is now healing and catching up despite having an ongoing battle with Lyme.  My third was our first neurotypical child but brought with him an “energetically sluggish liver” as the doctors call it and went through a six month bout of severe pain.  We’ve been able to treat it and with constant monitoring and careful diet, he’s been doing well.

In addition to all the research, special diets, and alternative medicine pursuing that I do, we’re also a homeschooling family.  I wanted an environment where my children could feel comfortable with themselves and work with their quirks, so there’s never a dull moment around here!

I’m always very happy to talk about our methods and the progress we’ve achieved, so feel free to contact me or leave me a comment!

God bless,

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