Reading Rockets

I don’t get much sleep between midnight and 5 AM, so the whole “getting up at 5 AM to hustle” thing isn’t working out so great for me right now, hence the late morning posts.  Oh well, we’ll get there again some day.

We are however making a little progress on the homeschooling front.  I was thinking about how to get Michael more interested in his reading lesson, and this is what I came up with.

I put all his vocabulary words for the week into a little story on our lap-sized white board.


Then I put all the same vocabulary words onto little pieces of paper shaped like rockets with tape on the backs.


We read the story on the board, and then I started showing Michael the words on the rockets.  When he correctly read the word, he got to fly the rocket over to the board and stick it on its matching counterpart.  He loved it!  I didn’t have to force him to look at the words at all, he was totally into it.

Here’s the finished product.


I will definitely be using this method again with different stories.  He also loves being read to, and he’s able to pick out his vocab words in the books as well.

Prayers are still appreciated as all three children are still sick, and now Nate’s sporting a lovely raspy voice too.  Well, at least it’s Friday and Daddy will be bringing us pizza tonight as Gabriel keeps reminding me every 3 and a half minutes.  It’s gonna be a long day, and I feel a Veggie Tales movie marathon coming on.

Stay warm and enjoy your weekends.  We made it!

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