Real Life

I have to admit, I just didn’t have a positive spin on any aspect of life when I woke up this morning.  This season stinks.  It also feels like it’s dragging on forever, but I guess that’s the sleep deprivation.  The issues our kids are dealing with just seem to suck up every ounce of us 24/7, and it’s affecting everything.  Just as we feel we’re making progress in one area, another thing starts.  Is that what parenting’s like all the way through?  I sort of envisioned we’d have some easy seasons where we got to, you know, enjoy our kids.

I’ve been trying to encourage myself, to remember all the things I’ve been writing the last few months.  I’m not feeling it though.  I get that this is a season, it’s just a very long one and it’s hard to see the purpose in it.  I’m trying to remind myself of my mantra.  God is good, and He’s up to something.

I guess this is where faith hits real life.

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