In It Again

Vacation was amazing and absolutely necessary.  Thanks to my in-laws, Nate and I were able to get away for eight days, which was a perfect amount of time.  I noticed I was so exhausted and wound up, it took me about four or five days just to relax and feel like a normal human being again.  It was a gift from God that Nate’s office paid for us to get away, and now that we have experienced the benefits of it, we are planning tiny breaks for ourselves in the future.


This is us, when we feel like normal people. 🙂

So we’re back in it again, with the therapy and the yelling and the no sleeping, but it’s a little easier now once our cups have been filled up again, so to speak.  I find I don’t mind it quite as much as I did before and now I can give of myself to my family more when I’m not so completely drained that I’m just in self-preservation mode.  It’s easy to say we need a break periodically, but I’ve found that the execution is much harder and depends on the generosity of others’ time.  I am very blessed and grateful to be surrounded by a supportive family that is willing to sacrifice to help us out.

Here we go.  William is throwing food on the floor, Gabriel is slam dunking his breakfast dishes into the sink, and Michael has had a number of meltdowns this morning already, but that’s OK.  This is where I’m supposed to be.  Well, more specifically, I should probably be cleaning the kitchen, so have a nice day!