Lost Ground

While the stomach bug seems to be gone (or at least going – it’s getting hard to tell), the effects have not been good.  Michael had been doing so well up until now, but the hit his immune system took totally snatched him away from us.  He spent the entire week hiding under the sofa cushions, barely speaking.  The stress levels hit an all time high Saturday night when he lay down on the floor and wouldn’t get up.  He could barely move or talk and just sprawled listlessly on the floor.  I had to carry him around, and let me tell you, that child is getting heavy!  It’s amazing how closely Michael’s immune system is tied to his brain’s ability to function.  Thank goodness he seems to be rallying now because I’ve been spread a little thin.

William’s been a wreck since his liver stopped up again.  We’ve gone from one nightly waking to about three, constant crying and misery, and carrying him around all day again.  It’s been discouraging to see how much ground we’ve lost, but I know he’s truly miserable and not trying to be contrary.  I’m hoping the blood panel results will give us some answers because I want my happy, exploratory baby back again!  I’m super grateful Nate’s starting to get over his cold and take some turns comforting and holding upset children, because at times this week all three of them have been wrestling for a spot on my lap.  That’s always fun.

And Gabriel, my Gabriel.  That child needs a medal.  Despite throwing up once in the middle of the night at the very beginning of all this, he has sailed through this week with exuberance that no one else in this family has had.  His antics and crazy maniacal laughter have kept us smiling.  Well, all of us except the cat.  He’s been fixated on her all week, not at all to her liking.

It’s a busy week ahead of us, and despite the gloomy prospects and weather, I’m hoping we’ll come out at the end of us with a few answers and some ground gained.  Happy Monday to you all!

Back From The Doctor’s

So it’s been an interesting day.  First of all, I’m incredibly grateful to my mother-in-law, who was able to spend the entire afternoon with Michael and Gabriel so I could get William to the doctors’ offices.

That being said, the pediatrician agreed that there are enough symptoms for a long enough period of time to merit investigation.  She gave me scripts for three various tests, and much as I feared it the most, I went with the blood panels this afternoon.  I feel like it will give the most comprehensive picture of his liver’s performance.  If these tests show up clean, we will then progress to a sonogram to check for ducts that are either clogged or developed too narrowly.

In the meantime, we are heading back to the holistic doctors who found William to be quite a mess, full of bacteria and viruses, in addition to weak and sluggish digestive organs.  I pray that these tests will show the underlying problem so we can put this behind us once and for all.  For now, William must keep going to the holistic doctors regularly, as recommended by his pediatrician, as these visits do seem keep him functioning.  It was upsetting to see him crash so far so quickly after having made as much progress as we did.

All in all, it was a whirlwind of a stressful day, with the cherry on top being that William threw up all over me just as we got home.  He is now clean and dry and asleep in his crib after having had a pretty rigorous and upsetting day with no nap.  And this mama is going to go find herself some chocolate and watch and episode or two of Downton Abbey with her girlfriends and forget about special needs for a little while.

I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers.  Having your support in times like this is a real encouragement to me.  I don’t know how others walk this path alone.  I am enormously grateful.  Hopefully we will have good news to report as test results start coming in next week.

Giving the Boot

The last four days have not been fun.  William was officially kicked out of Mommy and Daddy’s bed, and he’s not too thrilled about it.  I have to say I’ve been sleeping loads better without having a baby next to me all night, and my shoulder is feeling better too, but William’s definitely missing his old spot.  He just cries and cries inconsolably, and I’m hoping and praying this doesn’t last much longer.  He will fall asleep in someone’s arms, or even just sitting on my bed next to me, but he refuses to go to sleep in his own crib.  We are making a little progress, and some of the crying jags are getting shorter.  I hate doing this, but it’s gotta be done.  Having him sleep with us is really starting to ruin my way of life.

On the good side, he was able to have his liver treated (acupuncture is a wonderful thing), and he seems to be making some great progress on that end.  Because of that, I don’t feel quite as bad as I would have about the sleep thing as I know he’s not in pain and his intestinal system is doing better.  He’s just mad, and I pray he will get over it soon.

I’m quite excited because today is our first RDI home visit.  Our consultant will be coming and sitting down and showing me what homeschooling can look like for Michael, and I will be videotaping it for future reference and family members who could not be in attendance.  Michael always does exceptionally well with RDI techniques, and this therapist has been able to work with him and a way that no one else has.  I’m eager to learn everything!

Here’s wishing you all a fantastic Monday!

Where Are The Naps?

I think someone dumped Kool Aid in our water supply.  The kids have been acting like they’re all hopped up on sugar and red food dye.  They were actually flipping furniture yesterday.  At one point, I think I actually had to wrestle them into shoes and coats and drag them one by one down the stairs and strap their thrashing butts into car seats so we could make doctor and therapy appointments.  Fun times.

So the news from one doctor was that William’s liver is running pretty sluggishly.  Now we have to figure out how to get that up and running correctly, but hopefully that will correct a lot of his digestion problems.

We went back to our RDI consultant last night and basically yawned and stared our way through the meeting, but I think we’re making some progress.  Unfortunately Michael’s ADHD is becoming an obstacle in dealing with the autism.  We’re trying to figure out new techniques to work with him and temporarily slow his brain down, but that’s not going to happen until we’ve had a nap or two.  She gave us the talk about having to figure out how we’re going to take care of us right now.  I don’t think Nate and I can have that talk either until we’ve had a nap or two.  I’ve been sensing a pattern. 🙂

With this winter storm hitting, I’ve decided to just bunk up for the next few days.  We’re taking a break from school stuff and I’m gonna keep the chores to a minimum.  If Nate’s office closes, I’m going to see if we can fit a few naps in there.  I’d like it if we weren’t both delirious for Valentine’s Day.  Rest shall be the name of the game.

Hope you all have a fun long weekend!