We Made It To Friday!


It’s been a pretty brutal week, so I fully mean it when I say Thank God It’s Friday!!!  I’m looking forward to the weekend, having Nate around, maybe finding a little down time, and laughing at some hopefully good commercials with friends on Sunday.  I am sad to admit I am one of those unAmerican folks that really doesn’t care about football, and the Superbowl is the only game I watch the entire year, but I pick a side to keep it interesting, and it’s always fun.

We’ve learned some new things about the kids this week.  Gabriel’s struggling with what is referred to as audio and visual discrimination, meaning he’s having trouble discerning one object or one word from another when he is presented with several options.  This makes it particularly hard for him to follow directions (forget 2 step directions), and it explains a lot of our issues.  I have to think about how we’re going to manage with that, but a picture book to provide a visual aid to directions has been presented as one option.

William officially needs to nurse to move his digestive system at this point.  It is SO sluggish on it’s own.  The poor kid tries so hard, but nothing moves.  At this point, we’re going to try taking him to the chiropractor several times a week.  The doctor is able to keep clearing his blockages and use his cold laser to stimulate the system.  I’m hoping if we keep away at this, his digestive system will finally kick in and run by itself, kind of like yanking at a rip cord repeatedly till the motor turns over on it’s own.

So here’s to a good weekend, and naps all around for everybody!  🙂  Love to you all.

It’s Focus Time

There’s no way to beat around the bush about this.  The heat is on, and we’ve got some stuff going on in the house.  All three children seem to be fighting some deep-seated digestion problems.  Michael’s autism appears to be getting comfortably settled, and both he and William are experiencing some trouble with severe abdominal pain.  My next week or so is filling up with research, therapy, doctor’s appointments and the like.  I’m determined to figure this out and beat it back, and yet I’m overwhelmed at the same time.  I’ve been directed to start keeping food journals and the like, not to mention that we just got our first RDI homework assignment which while awesome and exciting seems to be an exercising in breaking our brains (believe it or not, that’s actually it’s purpose).

So, I have to take a blog break.  I hope to keep it very short, just a week or two until I get some answers and a handle on the health chaos that seems to be breaking out all over the place, but I just have to focus now, and while it’s awesome sharing with you and receiving your words of encouragement, there’s been lots of sleepless nights, interruptions, and a fight on every front and it’s getting too difficult.  I promise to come back as soon as I can.  In the meantime, please pray for us and our kids.  They are truly suffering with some issues that we just don’t know how to handle and we need wisdom and divine intervention.  We’re going to figure this out, and now it’s time for me to focus.

Love to you all!  See you soon!