Of Space Helmets and Cookies and Other Things

Our awesome hero Nate came to the rescue again and shoveled our driveway about three times during the storm yesterday so we could make it out around 4PM and head over to our chiropractor.  All three children were treated since they seem to be sharing a bug, and the doctor worked on unplugging William all over again.  Unfortunately, it always seems to take a day or two to kick in, so last night was still pretty bad, but I’m hopeful tonight will be better.

Michael’s still enjoying his outer space schooling.  Yesterday he decided of all the kinds of astronauts there are, he wants to be an engineer.  He loves dismantling things, and I was impressed he seemed to make the connection.  I struggle so much with him over school.  Most times he refuses to even look at his paper while we’re working, so the reading portion of things is going REALLY slowly.  He does love the arts and crafts part though (maybe I have to figure out a way to mix those two together).

Since Daddy got a snow day from work, he helped Michael make a space helmet.






P.S. I had a wicked sweet tooth craving yesterday, and this recipe did the trick.  If you like to bake chocolate chip cookies, I would recommend you try these.  They are definitely the best I have come across yet.




Snowed In

Last Night

Pros: William is totally learning how to go to sleep on his own at a decent baby hour time (not 11PM anymore!).

Cons: He REALLY needs to see the chiropractor.  He was in a lot of pain last night.  Unfortunately, there’s about 5 inches on the ground here, and we’re getting about a new inch every hour.  I’m praying by some miracle this storm ends early and we can make it to the chiropractor tonight.  Otherwise, he’s closed again till Friday.

Hmm, with all this snow, I think homeschooling should have a cookie baking project today!  We’ll see…

We Made It To Friday!


It’s been a pretty brutal week, so I fully mean it when I say Thank God It’s Friday!!!  I’m looking forward to the weekend, having Nate around, maybe finding a little down time, and laughing at some hopefully good commercials with friends on Sunday.  I am sad to admit I am one of those unAmerican folks that really doesn’t care about football, and the Superbowl is the only game I watch the entire year, but I pick a side to keep it interesting, and it’s always fun.

We’ve learned some new things about the kids this week.  Gabriel’s struggling with what is referred to as audio and visual discrimination, meaning he’s having trouble discerning one object or one word from another when he is presented with several options.  This makes it particularly hard for him to follow directions (forget 2 step directions), and it explains a lot of our issues.  I have to think about how we’re going to manage with that, but a picture book to provide a visual aid to directions has been presented as one option.

William officially needs to nurse to move his digestive system at this point.  It is SO sluggish on it’s own.  The poor kid tries so hard, but nothing moves.  At this point, we’re going to try taking him to the chiropractor several times a week.  The doctor is able to keep clearing his blockages and use his cold laser to stimulate the system.  I’m hoping if we keep away at this, his digestive system will finally kick in and run by itself, kind of like yanking at a rip cord repeatedly till the motor turns over on it’s own.

So here’s to a good weekend, and naps all around for everybody!  🙂  Love to you all.