Some Totally Awesome and Amazing Stuff

I have some amazing news I have to share with you all!  Nate and I visited with Michael’s RDI therapist last night, and she feels that he has made enough progress that he is actually ready to start the RDI program.  I am so excited!!  It took about nine months of persistence to get Nate and me ready, the family and house ready, and Michael ready.  We had to learn to be in a good mental place ourselves, and we had to teach Michael some self-control so he could be ready to learn.  But after almost a year, we’ve finally made it to the starting line.

It’s been tough, but Michael’s outbursts are growing fewer and shorter.  He has a lot more physical control over his body, and I feel like I have a better understanding of how to handle him.  Now we move on to the relationship building aspect of RDI (Relationship Development Intervention).  We couldn’t before because just sitting next to Michael usually meant you were going to get kicked in the ribs or punched in the face.

We’re going to start with some exercises that will condition his ability to maintain a role in a relationship.  For example, we’ll play a game together.  It will be a ridiculously simple game, one he could have completed on his own when he was two.  But the point is that I will have a job and he will have a job, and he has to do his job and he can’t do my job.  And that will be hard for him because his autism makes him want to control everything, and his ADD makes him want to compulsively and instantly do everything that appeals to him.

So persistence, persistence.  I’ve been told this takes years.  But I’m still incredibly excited.

And here is another thing that makes me happy.  Here is the first picture ever in the history of the world when all three of my children simultaneously looked at the camera and smiled.  Happiness right now. 🙂

3 boys July

Love to you all!

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