A Blessed Special Easter

Holidays are a little tricky for Michael.  You can never tell how they’re going to go down.  There’s too much change in the routine, too much excitement, and sometimes he can navigate it OK, but at some point there’s usually a repercussion.  After all of his major upheavals on Friday, we let him be on Saturday.  Nate and I focused on the exciting task of moving William out of our room and into his own bedroom next door to Michael and Gabriel.  He’s spent two nights in there like a champ now, which is very exciting!  There’s still a little crying at bedtime, but he was doing that in our room as well.  Michael handled Saturday fine, and then of course we changed our routine on Sunday morning for Easter, and that made him a little tenuous for the rest of the day.

He didn’t want to go to Sunday School, which is typical, but when we tried to register him anyway, he fell on the floor crying, so we just brought him back to the service with us, which was louder and more crowded than usual.  He did well and sat for about 20 minutes, but then needed to go for a walk.  While we were walking in the lobby (Michael just LOVES the new fountain they put in), we were introduced to another mom who was giving her own daughter a break from the service as well.  She was new to our church and was there with her beautiful daughter who also had some special needs.  We spent a lot of time talking and it was just wonderful to connect.  It was totally a divine appointment, and I’m so glad it happened.  I always remember our journey is worth it when I am able to take all the things I’ve learned with our boys and use it to bless someone else.

Afterwards, we had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa followed by an Easter egg hunt with Grannieannie and Grandbob.  It was a lot in one day for the little guy, and he did have one meltdown at one point, but we all muscled through, and I think all in all he did have a nice time.  Bedtime was a little rough, there was a lot of restlessness and calls for hugs, but he was eventually able to settle down, and today we will try to keep it a nice quiet day so we can all transition back to normal.

He REALLY enjoyed the egg hunt.  And who wouldn’t when Grannieannie and Grandbob fill the eggs with delicious, spectrum-friendly treats???



Gabriel enjoyed checking out his loot as well and ate his weight in grapes, strawberries, and trail mix before leaving the site of the hunt.  He loves the idea of opening his eggs and reaching in the little bags for treats, but his fingers still can’t quite manage it, so I helped him, though not quite at the speed he was expecting at times. 🙂



William was too little to appreciate his egg hunt last year, but this year he was quite tickled that the colorful eggs rattled when he shook them.  He was completely thrilled at eating pretzels for the first time, and that kept him bouncing for quite awhile!




Michael was able to rally one more time after supper at the end of the day and managed to go outside and try playing with his cousins.  A lot of times when he is overwhelmed, I see him withdraw from the crowd and just go off and be by himself, so it’s extra special to see him try to participate in something with everyone else.



I took all these photos from my husband’s Facebook page, he’s a great photographer, thank you Honey! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I hope you all had a blessed Easter.  It’s always good to remember that it’s the day that makes all the other days worth it.  I am incredibly blessed and loved by my Lord and the amazing family He has given me.

Happy Monday to you all!

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