My Turn

I finally got myself taken care of yesterday, which was completely awesome.  For those of you who know me, you know I’ve been struggling with a lot of pain in my left shoulder and a pretty significant loss of strength.  This was caused by too much strain on the shoulder muscles from carrying William around for months and months when he wasn’t feeling well and needed to be close to Mommy.  It got so bad yesterday that I could barely turn my neck.  I had a reoccurring neck and headache and was having problems picking up the children, which is kind of a problem since that’s pretty much what I do all day.

Anyway, I was recommended to see this chiropractor who adjusts via soft tissue massage, and I’m so glad I went.  He put his hands on my shoulders to see what kind of shape they were in.  After probing them for a few seconds he said, “The clinical term for this is ‘ridiculous'”.  Fantastic.  Anyway, he was able to really loosen things up for me there, and the pain has already significantly decreased.  Pretty much a whole set of muscles in the shoulder got so tight that they’re really not functioning very well anymore.  I have exercises to do and heat to apply.  He said he couldn’t promise much as long as I’m hauling children around all day, but as William’s looking like he’s going to walk soon, I may not have to carry him so often much longer.

I’m glad I had so much tension released because last night was another bad night.  It sounds weird, but I’m noticing this pattern now that Michael does not sleep well at all during the full moon.  With all the crying and carrying on between him and William, I ended up on the sofa again, getting up about once an hour.  Hopefully in another night or two things will have calmed down again if it’s truly a lunar pull thing.  Who knows.

Well, I and my happier shoulder are off to try and take this day.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

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