Focusing on the Blessings

So what shall we think about this morning: the fun evening with Daddy in the backyard or the horrible night when the kids screamed for hours and didn’t let Mommy sleep?  Let’s go with the fun evening.

These probably don’t need captions, the boys were having such a sweet moment together.  William does have issues with personal space, but he’s a baby, so I guess he has an excuse.









I had the afternoon off yesterday and came home to Nate grilling dinner and this sweetness going on in the backyard.  It truly was a wonderful family time, complete with tossing muddy boys into the tub.

It does amaze me the extreme emotions that can happen here within the space of such a short time.  In find I can easily let the awfulness erase all the great stuff that happens around here, and I need to practice focusing on the blessings a bit more.

Happy Monday!

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