Baking Cakes is Educational, Right?

I’m trying to get the boys more involved in regular household life.  Of course it’s messy and takes five times longer, but this is how they learn, and I guess it’s never too early to start.  Besides, isn’t baking a cake the best kind of exercise for a kid with poor motor planning skills? 😉

Licking the spoon is such a huge reward!





Michael loves cooking and baking so much.  When I told him he could help make cake and pizza last night, he got super excited (it was the only way I could bribe him into going to therapy).

It looks like there’s a bit of chocolate nirvana going on there.



I think I’m going to let Gabriel participate in washing dishes more.  And by participate in washing dishes, what I really mean is letting him pour water in cups and bowls and make a tiny flood on the kitchen floor, but I have a sneaky suspicion that keeping him at the kitchen sink now will pay off when he is older.



Besides, isn’t he too stinkin’ cute in an apron???



You can call this homeschooling, right?

Happy weekend!!

1 thought on “Baking Cakes is Educational, Right?

  1. That is an excellent educational experience you gave those cute little boys! Great language learning.. all those prepositions, (put it IN the bowl, ON the counter)… tactile experience… even Math… one egg or two?? Sharon, at that age… it is hard to do better!

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