Trial and Error

It’s been a week of trial and error, for me and the kids.  A lot of the week has been spent in Michael’s physical boundaries training.  We’ve had to check in daily with our consultant and we met with her again on Wednesday.  This is a refine-as-you-go kind of process, so we are visiting with her a little more often to discuss things, which is very good because we found what we were doing was not working.  Now that we’ve tweaked our approach a little, it seems to be going better.  A lot of time has been spent on this, because it requires me to stop whatever I’m doing and physically walk Michael through something.  Then I usually forget what I was doing and start something new. 🙂

It’s been nice to see the progress the children are making.  Michael is a little calmer and Gabriel is trying to speak more.  His new sentences are hysterical!  We eliminated something that William appeared to be allergic to, and now his liver seems to be functioning much better, and he is back to his busy self again, emptying drawers as I just follow and clean up behind him.  I turned the TV off about two weeks ago when the weather turned nice and have been trying to take the three of them outside as often as possible.  The leap in their mental development has been astounding!

I know a lot of my stress and craziness is due to the fact that I tear into my day without much of a plan.  I’ve struggled balancing the need for a plan with not holding onto the plan that tightly because the children usually blow it to pieces pretty quickly.  I keep striving for that 1 Peter description of a gentle and quiet spirit.  I seem to get anxious and upset more than gentle and quiet, and I know the chaos around me has a lot to do with that.  I’m still trying to find the right rhythm for our family life and chores right now.  There’s been a lot of trial and error, but I hope we’re getting close.  I still want to be the person, wife, and mother God wants me to be, and I know how I run my house has a lot to do with that.  Here’s praying for answers!

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