Boys Need Dirt To Grow

We had a wonderful spontaneous family evening yesterday.  A friend come over to help Nate with our taxes, so I took the boys outside to keep them out of the way.  Nate and William joined us when they were done (I’m sure William was a big help with filling out forms).  We raked leaves and sticks, moved rocks, and generally started clearing our land for planting this year.  Michael and Gabriel eagerly helped and quite industriously and importantly marched back and forth with handfuls of leaves for the wheelbarrow.  It made me pause and smile because I know they probably won’t always be as excited about yard work (it must have been the freedom from cabin fever, Gabriel was bounding everywhere like a baby gazelle), but we were all actually working on a project together.  It’s the first season that I’ve been able to take Michael and Gabriel out and have them both stay near me and follow directions.  It gave me a little glimpse into the future of when they are all grown up.  I hope they do the same with their own families.

Gabriel managed to find a small bucket of potting soil and dumped it out.  Due to his lack of motor skills, the whole thing hit him in the face on it’s way down to the ground.  I saw it happen.  He stood there, momentarily stunned, blinking.  Then he looked at me and asked, “What happened?”

Yes, I laughed at him.



He looked like he just stepped off the Braveheart movie set.  That’s my boy, always doing life to the fullest.

Hopefully the weather will stay nice, and we can have a few more adventures in the backyard before it gets too cold.

Happy Wednesday!

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