Despite the Setbacks

I know my posting here has become very inconsistent.  So have been the workings of my brain.  It seems so silly to say this, but all the activity from the past few weeks really threw me for a loop, and I’ve struggled to maintain my sense of order and routine.  I started staying up late to compensate for the stressful daytime hours, and things really went downhill from there.  I’ve been in catch-up mode for most of the household chores and ended up letting a lot of important things go.  While the mental break felt good, it’s time to get things marching along again.

I have missed that close one-on-one dependence on the Lord for getting through the tough days.  I know that there will be seasons in life, and that my relationship with God will change often, but I do hope that I at least keep moving forward.  I’ve been praying that I grow closer to the Lord and also that He would give me more love and compassion for my children.  I’m not as nice to them as I should be when I’m stressed.

Soooooo, in answer to my prayers, we got the stomach bug in our house. 🙂  God always knows what I need.  It was a good time to practice being loving under stress, and by God’s grace and going to sleep early again, I think I managed alright for the most part.  Nothing irks me more than having to clean up poop and puke, and we all know how those come in abundance with the stomach bug.  It was also a good opportunity to practice some RDI communication techniques.  I learned how to communicate much more gently and approach Michael more slowly when he is not feeling well.  Usually in times like these, he will have lots of meltdowns because he’s not feeling well and can’t respond to my long list of questions and instructions, but this time, I changed my approach, and he did SO much better.

The boys seem to be recovering (they’re well enough to chase the cat around the house anyway), and I hope to keep moving forward myself, to keep working more on becoming the person God wants me to be, despite all the setbacks.

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