The Out of the Ordinary Becoming Ordinary

I’ve realized that I haven’t been posting here regularly the last few weeks.  My brain’s been trying to cope with changes in the ordinary schedule of life, and it throws me off a bit.  First, we were trying to sleep train William around the beginning of the month.  My nervous system got fried with all the screaming, and once he was out of our bed, I enjoyed being able to rest alone.  Then, I realized his birthday was nearing, and my brother was coming to visit at the same time.  While I thoroughly enjoyed both events and some nice family time, I didn’t know how to handle preparing.  I wandered around the house for days, stressed, but unable to actually do anything.  I would be so overwhelmed, I didn’t even know where to start.  Throw in a couple of special events at church, and I was a fun person, let me tell you.

In some ways, it was better this time though.  Usually, I mope around wondering what’s wrong with me, but this time I knew.  I know now what ADHD and Asperger’s can look like, and I saw what the stress and special events were doing.  It gave me permission to be OK with how I felt, and in some ways, just knowing made it a little easier.  I worked when I had windows of mental clarity and took it easy when the stress made it unable to plan.  The house probably could have been cleaner, I could have probably planned better and gotten things taken care of earlier so as to relieve stress, but in the end, it all worked out.  I was able to visit with family, and I got to meet my adorable, little niece, Misha, for the first time.


I only get to see my brother, Phil, and his wife, Jayde, briefly, once or twice a year, so this was one of those special times. Even though family events are a little extra work from the every day life, they are totally worth it!


We also celebrated William’s first birthday.  It was lots of fun, and he enjoyed himself so much, he ate his party decorations at the end of the festivities.




All in all, the important things happened, and we had a wonderful time.  I’d like to say life is slowing down and getting back to normal, but my calendar still seems to be full of special events for the next few weeks.  While most of it is fun gatherings, they still make me a bit nervous.  However, since out of the usual events are becoming a bit more usual, I am getting accustomed to them as time goes on, and I’m hoping I can handle them a bit more easily.

Here’s to a lovely Monday for all of us!

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