Time to Catch Our Breath

I never thought we’d catch a breath, but we’re actually in a small lull!

Now I’d like to clarify that when I say things are quieting down, I’m not talking about the fact that the kids are running through the house without pants on, shrieking loudly, and throwing their furniture down the stairs (“boys will be boys” and all that).  I mean we’re just not having to fight quite so hard against everything all at once.  William seems to finally been in a healthy state, the pain and discomfort is gone, and he’s SLEEPING at night!  Michael’s body isn’t fighting us with all sorts of physical and emotional maladies, and his brain appears to be more accessible than in the last few months, so RDI therapy is getting a chance to work.  Gabriel is also sleeping better so his tantrums are letting up, and his speech is improving so there’s less frustration in communication as well.

We’ve still got kids with special needs, and every day is still an adventure (what’s with kids shedding their clothes in the dead of winter?), but it’s nice not to have to be battling on every front at 100% capacity 24 hours a day.  Nate and I can sleep, have some down time, actually leave the house alone, things that haven’t happened in months.  Seriously, I’m talking about pre-Thanksgiving 2013 time periods here.

It’s tempting to just relax, turn inward, and do the self-TLC (and that’s happening too).  But we’ve really been trying to focus on relationship maintenance.  When 5 solid months have been all about sick kids, there’s definitely work to be done.  I’ve missed Nate and having some quiet time together with him, and it’s been such a blessing to start getting that back.  I’ve forgotten that a healthy relationship gives me energy to get through my day that I just don’t have when it’s neglected.  There’s been solo trudging around for just too long.

I’m off to spend a few minutes with him before he leaves for work.  I am so incredibly grateful that God has given us this time.  I don’t know how long it’s going to be before the next crisis pops up, but I don’t want to take it for granted and waste it.

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