Major Milestone!

I am so excited and proud to report that William has officially transferred to his bed for night time sleeping.  I don’t know if I have ever been so relieved to get our bed back just to the two of us!  He’s doing alright with it.  He still cries for a few minutes, but then he lays down and goes to sleep, with only one appropriately timed nighttime feeding.  My neck and back are grateful, and I’m actually starting to get some sleep at night again.  Michael and Gabriel are also settling down and not waking up so much in the middle of the night either, and Nate is looking a little fresher himself.  Nothing like a good night’s sleep, right?

William still has problems with napping during the day.  He will sit in his crib and rock and cry instead of sleeping despite the fact that he is clearly tired, but even though it’s painstakingly slow, he’s making some progress on that end as well, and there is loads to celebrate!

Thank you all so much for praying for us, and Thank you, Jesus, for sustaining me and keeping me calm and going through a time of severe sleep deprivation.

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