Ups and Downs

It seems like every time we make progress in one area, we fall back in others.  It’s a little frustrating, but I’m trying to remember to focus on and be grateful for the good stuff.

A little update on everyone:

William is definitely learning to sleep SO much better.  He is relaxing when he is tired instead of struggling and crying so much to nurse.  He is taking short naps in his crib now.  The downside is it’s time for him to see the chiropractor again, and the weather here is so poor, I don’t think I’ll be able to take him for several more days.  He was definitely more uncomfortable last night, and it will only go downhill from here.

Gabriel is very sick.  The poor little guy needs prayer.  His immune system’s never been great, and colds just kick his butt.  Michael just tried to help him feel better at 5AM by flipping on all the lights in their room and handing him lots of toys, making Gabriel really scream because all he wanted to do was go back to sleep.

Michael and I just started our first homeschooling unit study yesterday.  I’m pretty excited about it.  Since one of the autism qualities can be fixations on various objects or topics, several helpful folks suggested that I take advantage of that and try unit studies or themed materials.  Over the weekend, Michael suddenly got into astronauts, so we’re doing an outer space theme.  He seems to be really enjoying it, and getting him to do his school isn’t quite as much like pulling teeth as usual.  He loves the astronaut books we got him from the library, and he’s already learning some new words and concepts, so I’m really happy about that.  A lot of his sensory needs and OCD tendencies seem to be back in full force however.  I’m seriously considering getting him a punching bag.  He’s back to hitting us all a lot, not to be malicious, but because his body is seeking massive amounts of energy release and it’s the only way he can regulate himself.  I figure if I can get him to box a bag several times a day, maybe I can wear out his upper body a little and keep it calmer, the way the trampoline has been working for his lower half.

So lots of up and down for everybody.  It’s gonna be a fun week.  Nate’s outside clearing off the driveway extra early.  I’m going to do my shopping today since Winter Storm Maximus is supposed to be here by tomorrow.  Michael’s been up since 5, I think I’ll take him with me so he can let everyone else go back to sleep.

Stay warm!

2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. I’m so glad the unit studies idea is working out so far! We just read about Isaac Newton- people thought he was a bit batty, since he was always hyper focused on one problem at a time. Staying on one topic (rather than the modern frantic ‘normal’ of hopping from subject to subject and doing broad surveys of information) actually allows for a fuller understanding sometimes. You can totally use his focused tendency to your advantage in teaching him!

    I also think the punching bag would be great. Jeff could benefit from jumping and punching too, I think…..

    • I found some instructions online that seem fairly simple for constructing a punching bag. We already having the hook from their therapy swing. Amazon sells these adorable child sized boxing gloves with Avengers characters on them. I may go that route. If we set it up, we’ll invite Jeff over for some boxing time!

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