Sleep Frustrations

So the little guy still won’t sleep.  Unfortunately, due to all the issues he went through in the last 6 months, he has now associated nursing with sleep and doesn’t know how to pass out without it.  I wear him during he day because it’s the only way he’ll nap.  I sleep with him at night because he can’t sleep without me.  He gets up in the middle of the night because his tummy hurts, then he’ll wake up if I ever leave the bed.  He’s up with me in the early morning when I try to have alone time (I’m currently typing this one-handed with lots of typos).  He even comes with me to my monthly girls’ only nights!  I get a little jealous that my girlfriends with younger babies are already able to leave their kids home with daddy, especially when he fusses constantly.

This is really getting to me.  I don’t like having someone in my space 24/7, especially such a needy someone.  I got a book about sleep training from the library because I want to get him sleep trained so Nate and I can get away together in a few months.  It’s a good incentive, and I hope it works because I know he still has abdominal discomfort.  We’re off to the chiropractor again for another digestive tract check later this morning.

I definitely need to devote more prayer to this because this momma wants to get some sleep in her own bed.  BABY. FREE.  The book claims results in several weeks, so here’s hoping there’ll be a good report in a month or so.


1 thought on “Sleep Frustrations

  1. Hi Sharon, it’s Sonya (from Houghton!). Thanks for your comment/note and getting in touch! It has been a blessing to catch up with you a bit from your blog – it looks like God has blessed you with your own bundle of blessings and challenges. And I can totally relate to the sleep issues – Nora didn’t sleep through the night until I discovered that I (and she and Elsa) had a bunch of food allergies (gluten, sugar cane, dairy, yeast, eggs, beef). The week I cleaned up my diet was the first time she didn’t wake up fussy and in discomfort several times a night. And Oliver of course needed meds and fresh milk bag for his feeding tube every 4 hours. I will be praying that you find a solution to William’s discomfort soon, and that somehow you can get some sleep! Lack of sleep and crazy days make for an insane mommy! But, as you described in a previous post, it also make for a mommy that sees eternity and learns to pray. Amen to that!

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