It’s All About the Gut

So it’s been the little one that’s been keeping me up at nights for the past few months.  It’s just always been one thing after the other: hungry from growth spurts, teething, being sick.  The last few weeks it’s been terrible tummy pain.  No matter how careful I’ve tried to be with what I ate, this poor kid has had terrible bouts of gas to the point where he just cries and thrashes all night long.  He wants to nurse for comfort, and it’s the only way to keep him quiet, but then that creates a self-perpetuating cycle.

Last night it seems we finally found the solution.  Digestive enzymes!!  It wasn’t enough for me to take them, I slipped some in his food as well.  We had the quietest night we’ve had in weeks.  Seriously, I can’t remember when I’ve slept so well with a baby in bed next to me.  He turns 10 months old this week, and I feel like he could be sleeping through the night or pretty close if it wasn’t for all these pains or illnesses that keep waking him.  Anyway, I’m doing a little celebratory dance over this one!  This will get me back an hour or two of sleep a night!

It’s amazing how important gut health is.  Many studies are starting to show how it’s particularly important with spectrum kids. The health of our intestines seems so incredibly and closely related to how well our brains function.  When Michael’s regressing, I put some probiotic in a fruit smoothie for him, and things settle down a bit.  I’m always impressed.

So there’s my little health moment for today.  Give yourself a break and help your body digest a bit better!  I’ll bet you’d be surprised at some of the positive side effects.

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