One Step At A time

Nate and Michael muscled through this weekend spectacularly.  After 4 months of rehearsals, Michael was in his second Christmas pageant, this time as a little toy soldier.  I have to be honest, I didn’t think he could do it.  He’s been receding away from us more and more the last few days, and I wasn’t sure he had a double header performance in him, but Nate was beside him the whole time, helping him focus and comforting him when he got overwhelmed, and they made it!



Nate made sure to treat him to a box of McDonald’s french fries as a reward afterwards.  Michael’s favorite!!

It’s going to be a hard week.  I’ve always loved and looked forward to Christmas, but this year it will be difficult.  Michael needs quiet right now, not a series of parties and family gatherings, and we need a lot of prayer and wisdom to help us navigate, strategize, and plan the smoothest way through this.  And just to keep things more interesting, Gabriel’s got a cold.  I have two very happy fellows on my hands!

To ease the pain, their Christmas present arrived early this year.  A ball pit from their grandparents!  it’s really helped them relax and unwind!  I’m so grateful.



If you think of us, we need prayer this week.  Here’s hoping you have a wonderful and stress free Christmas week!

1 thought on “One Step At A time

  1. Trusting God knows exactly what you need and will carry you through this stressful season, giving you and Nate the grace and wisdom you need. Keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers!

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