Getting Back On The Horse

It seems as though last week’s craziness spilled into this week too.  But I see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I finished off my last business project and delivered it yesterday, and we celebrated my dad’s birthday last night.  Three projects, Thanksgiving, and four birthdays down!  Only one birthday and Christmas left!

It’s been a rough ride.  I don’t do sleep deprivation well.  The days of staying up late, falling asleep at the computer, and waking all throughout the night by restless children are a living nightmare for me.  Well, I hope to celebrate the end of my working days by going to bed at a decent hour tonight.  We got the baby an amber necklace for his teething (these are awesome, by the way!), and he’s sleeping better too, so a little extra rest seems within reach.

As I was coming out of this hazy fog of computer projects and no sleep, I realized that I really missed my quiet morning times, and it totally affected the rest of my day.  I had been getting up early, reading my Bible, praying over my day, and then blogging about it.  The writing had really helped solidify my thoughts.  Then we had the last few weeks of working till my body couldn’t take it anymore, and then sleeping in until crying, hungry children woke me (that’s a pleasant way to wake up, let me tell you).  I missed these quiet times, and the habits that I had just started to develop withered away very quickly.  I became that exhausted, cranky person that I really hate being.  You know, the annoying one that complains to my husband a lot.

I miss reading my Bible and receiving a word that carries me through the chaos of my day.  I want that strength back.  I’ve had a taste of victory, and now I need more.  I thank God that He is gracious and forgiving, and always waiting for me to come back to Him.  I’m ready to get back on the horse.

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