Overwhelmed With Blessing

Help for Michael has come to us in an unusual way.  As I talked about in my previous post, we were assigned a special instructor through Early Intervention when we first got help for Gabriel’s non-communication issues.  The first time she came to our house, she had Gabriel’s attention before she came all the way up the entrance stairs and had him saying his first discernible word by the end of the session.  She was like a magician.  It was beautiful to watch her work.  It was the first time Gabriel had given any attention to a non-family member.  I was in awe.  During that first session, I told her that as part of Gabriel’s family picture, she should know that his older brother was autistic.

She looked right at me and said, “I work with autistic kids.  I understand exactly what is going on in your family.”  And she proved it true every single time she stepped into our home.  As time went on, I found out she was a consultant/family coach for a method of teaching that has been successful in dealing with and reversing autism and Asperger’s.  Even though she came to us for Gabriel, she would stay a few minutes late and let me ask her questions about how to deal with Michael.  Her advice was always exactly right, and even though she wasn’t really working that much with him, we saw impressive changes and improvements in Michael just through the random bits of instructions we got from her.

We wanted to hire her full time and get the full benefits for Michael and put him through her program, but we found out that this method was prohibitively expensive (I’m not knocking the price tag, it’s worth every penny, and the people sure earn it, just saying we didn’t have it).  I started to look into ways to apply for scholarships and God seemed to be opening a way for us to appeal to our school district to give us a grant.  I was really excited, but after a few months, it didn’t look like it was going to happen.  I was disappointed, but figured God just had other plans.

I specifically remember telling God I was going to let go of the idea of Michael receiving consulting services because I trusted that He wanted something else.  A couple of days later, I opened my e-mail, and I found a note from the consultant that came the day I had my talk with the Lord.

She was offering us a temporary full scholarship.

I couldn’t believe it.  She has a full scholarship family she’s working with.  They need to take a break, and she’s giving us their spot.  I don’t know how long this opportunity is going to last, but I am surprised and immensely grateful that God would provide this to us.  I can’t wait to learn and watch Michael grow and make even more progress.  I am way beyond excited!!!

God is so good to us, and He provides just what we need, when we need it.  I feel so incredibly loved and cared for when He proves again and again that He really is interested in the details of my life.  I just love watching Him work!

There’s a new adventure on my horizon.

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