We celebrated Michael’s fifth birthday this weekend.  It really was a great time for all of us.  It was so different than all of his previous birthdays, and I have to say it made me very happy.

It’s the first time he knew it was his birthday.  I don’t think he understands the passage of a year yet, I’ve tried to explain that, and he still doesn’t get it, but from his books and movies, he does understand that it’s a special day that has a party with cake and presents and it celebrates him, and that’s close enough for me.  It’s also the first birthday party where he was vocal enough to tell us what he wanted.  A year ago he was still in the two to three word phrase category, but now he’s catching up, and he’s been telling us for five months “Iron Man cake on my birthday??” daily.  He loves his Avengers superheros, and he had an Avenger themed party.  He went nuts and loved the entire day.

My brother Skyped in from Tennessee wearing an Iron Man mask to say happy birthday.  A special friend of mine came over and used her awesome cake decorating skills to make Michael the Iron Man cake that he wanted.  All his grandparents made sure to get him Avengers themed presents.  Everyone really went out of their way to celebrate him, and he had a fabulous time.

He has made so much progress in this last year.  He’s communicating much, much better.  I mean he’s like light years better.  He’s sharing emotions for the first time and inviting other to share his experiences.  He’s finally potty trained during the day (thank God!).  He’s getting awesome at coloring and tracing letters, and he’s learning to read.  He loves his baby brother and can be kind and gentle when he has a mind to.  He’s even starting to help with some simple household chores!  His personality is starting to peek out, and he’s a great little kid.  And he loves all things Iron Man. 🙂

Sometimes I feel very alone during dark times in Michael’s journey, but I have to say moments like these really remind me of how many other people deeply love Michael and are cheering him on as he grows.  God has truly provided us with the best family and friends that are just right for us, and I am incredibly grateful.

So happy fifth birthday to Michael, my buddy!  You’re a special boy who’s growing up so fast!



In his new Iron Man suit from his grandparents.  He wears it all the time as you can imagine.

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