A Different Perspective

I try so hard not to get stressed around the holidays.  I’m really a low key person at heart, and I like simple things.  I like to be with family, eat some good food, and make a few memories.  That’s it, I’m good.  And we do a lot of that around this time of year.  In the last six weeks of each calendar year, our family celebrates five birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Then of course we have special events at church, a few holiday parties here and there with friends, and mid-December I’m left breathless, wondering what happened.

This year, I had Thanksgiving all figured out.  I had two days to get everything planned and ready for my family’s arrival for Thanksgiving dinner, but of course, we spent one of those days tending to Gabriel’s head injury at Urgent Care.  I spent Wednesday worrying among other things about the fact that my family switched all of the food plans for Thursday (I get worked up about that stuff because of Michael’s food sensitivities).  It was like my brain couldn’t cope with all the changes going on, and for all my stressing, I just gave myself a head cold.

It was all for nothing as usual.  We had everything set up early enough that we were able to take the kids out to a diner for breakfast Thanksgiving morning (where they loudly reminded us every 30 seconds that they wanted french fries).  I hate it when I get like this, and I can feel that somewhere, God is determined to teach me this loving patience lesson.  What better time than in the pressure cooker of a crazy holiday schedule?

As I was praying for God to work change in my heart and in my character like I mentioned before, He showed me a verse in 2 Thessalonians.

2 Thessalonians 3:5 “Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ.”

Doesn’t that bring peace just by reading it?  I’d never thought about it that way before.  That the love of God and the patience of Christ could be a state, place, or mindset that my heart could be ushered into.  It was sort of a different concept than when I usually think of these virtues being something that comes out of the heart.  It seems that God keeps reshaping my prayer in this department, and I’m OK with that.  I did ask Him to teach me what to pray for, and He’s answering.

May all our hearts be in peace, thankfulness, and joy as we celebrate so many wonderful things this time of year.

Here are some cute and calm pictures of the boys looking at the fish tank at the diner.  Michael loves it, and he really wanted William to have a good look.  Nate took the pictures and wanted to make sure I gave him photo credit. 🙂




Now I must dash, because it’s Michael’s birthday today, and he has a party tomorrow!

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