Food Day

I try to do all my shopping for the entire week in one day, and it’s usually Wednesday.  My alarm was set for 6, and I figured that would give me enough time to hit my three main stores before Nate left for work at 7:30.

The kids had other plans.  William woke me up at 5, and stayed awake for nearly an hour with feedings and diaper changes.  Just as I was putting him down around 5:45, I heard Michael playing in his room.  I sneaked out without them, feeling a little liberated.  They only pull these crack of dawn stunts on mornings when I’m trying to get out alone.  It’s like they sense my happiness. 🙂

Well, after a long day, shopping and food prep has been completed.  What you see here is about 5-6 freezer meals, plus almost a week’s worth of breakfast waffles.  This is the first time I’ve done most of the week’s food prep in one day. I’m really excited about this.  If it works out, I will definitely do it again (and streamline the process, it took me forever!).



It’s been eighteen hours since the wake up call.  I’m going to find room in my freezer for all this deliciousness and call it a day.

4 thoughts on “Food Day

  1. Nice work!! I know it took you all day, but I can’t wait to hear how having dinners premade makes the rest of your week easier. I’ve been trying to figure out a regular pattern for our meals so that I don’t have to think so hard everyday and I can simplify shopping. Freezer meals could work for at least half of our week, and might become necessary as the kids get involved in more extracurricular evening activities. Thanks for sharing. The picture helps visualize what it amounts to in reality. Some people prepare a head for amonth!! That’s pretty intense.

    • I think freezer meals are going to be the way to go. Yesterday’s batch was hard because I was sleepy, unfocused, and missing some ingredients until the end of the day. I would say if I was focused, uninterrupted, and had everything I needed, it probably would have only been a 3-4 hour project. I’m mostly excited about only have to wash food prep dishes once a week instead of nightly.

  2. I’ve employed some of these tricks too. They really help! Many times I prepare large quantities that feed us for several days. This year, for the first time, I’m actually planning out weekly menus. Nothing crazy…just a quick glance list of day by day main dishes. It helps me with the shopping list and with the preparation planning. I’m anxious to see how this works out for you too. I LOVE streamlining, and it seems to become more and more necessary.

    • I’ve been doing a weekly meal plan for a little over a year now, and it is the BEST! It helps me stay in my budget, and it takes away the whole drudgery of wondering what to make for dinner. I think taking it to the next step and prepping it and storing it in the freezer will be even better.

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