Beginning In The Middle

It would be nice to start a story at the beginning, except I’m not sure where mine is.  What I can tell is that I’m a Christian, a wife to an amazing man, and a mom to three incredible little boys.  Right now, trying to raise God-fearing patriots occupies a majority of my time.  I think parenting in general is hard and full of trials and tribulations.  We do seem to have a few extra obstacles in our course, however.

We had three boys in four and a half years: Michael, Gabriel, and William.  Michael is almost 5 years old and has Asperger’s Syndrome.  Gabriel is 2 and a half and has developmental delays due to being born with scar tissue in his brain.  Both Michael and Gabriel have tactile sensory issues that make life really interesting.  William is only 7 months old and seems to be healthy and on target so far, but then again, so did the first two till they were about 18 months old.

Like all other parents, I’ve done my fair share of crying and celebrating.  There are a lot of bittersweet moments that come with parenting special needs children.  No matter how great or terrible things get, I’ve held on to two truths that have sustained me this far:

1 – God is good.

2 – He’s working on His plan, even though I don’t know what it is.

And there we are.  We’ve started in the middle of the story.


4 thoughts on “Beginning In The Middle

  1. HI Sharon, I’m just seeing your blogs for the first time today. I’m enjoying reading your thoughts and understanding better what life is like for you right now. The truth that God is good is something I cling to also, and then that He knows the future and loves Steve more than I do, or even than Steve loves himself. It’s so calming to remember these truths. Love you, Mary

  2. I definitely hang on to those words. I repeat them to myself often, particularly if something awful has just happened. He is good, and He’s up to something!

  3. Hi Sharon its Sally Abbey from church. All I can say is wow how God is using you. I guess you know our Jonathan who was born 36 years ago with SPECIAL needs Today he is a walking miracle God is able to do things no man can as we trust Him. I also worked with autistic children in the school system. As you say it is a growing issue. May God give you His grace and love to chat some time Sally

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